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September 6, 2011 / Cameron Campbell

Applying the learning outcome concept across an institution, or, I’ve been thinking a lot

So, I was thinking about learning outcomes and graduate profiles and what it is that we do at tertiary institutions. I was also thinking about how to make sure that we clearly explain what we’re on about when we talk about aligning assessments with outcomes and then figuring out what we want students to learn (I thought about a wide range of other things. Sadly, none of these are germane to today’s posting).

So, here’s what I came up with (bearing in mind it’s a bit rough and needs some more thinking). Even though you should start with the learning objectives as your first step I’ve gone and put it in the more “natural” direction of “stuff learned” “learning assessed” “learning objectives met” (a really good, short article on this very subject can be found at the Chronicle of Higher Ed: “Planning a Class with Backward Design“):

Course level:
Learning activities that feed into ==> Assessment to verify that LO has been met ==> Learning Objective

Program level:
Papers that feed into the degree ==> Assessments across the various papers ==> granting of Degree/gaining of employment in chosen field

Institutional level:
Lincoln (or any Uni) teaching method/facilities/teachers ==> Assessment (This is the vague bit, perhaps we should be looking to the Graduate Longitudinal Study New Zealand) ==> Graduate profile


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