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October 13, 2010 / mauricefli

Lincoln Student Assignments Promote Alliance Review

Meat Industry ‘re-think’ to follow LU Management Students’ suggestions


Alliance CEO, Owen Poole (photo from Nz Farmer's Weekly)


Alliance Group CEO, Owen Poole, says ideas raised in student assignments from MGMT 340 will promote a review of the meat industry’s practices. The issue of whether or not you need to be a shareholder to supply the co-op, for example, has been addressed before but ideas raised by LU students in the Agribusiness Strategic Management course will make Alliance think again says Owen. While the idea has risks, he says, ‘it’s worth a re-think.”

Blended learning practitioner Nic Lees has had some very positive feedback from the Alliance Group CEO after passing on five students assignments for comment. MGMT 340 students have made strategic change in the meat industry one of the focuses of their study this semester with news links and lively forum discussions on the course Learn page, visits to freezing works and participation in farmer seminars on how to restructure the industry this year. The mix of online and face-to-face activities has produced good results for Nic.


MGMT 340 Lecturer Nic Lees


‘Well Considered”

Back in July Owen Poole addressed the class on the challenges facing sheep, beef and deer farmers. Owen offered to give students feedback on their first big assignment for the course –  to look at what opportunities exist to create a new model for the industry and what shape and form should the new model take in order to create significant commercial gains on a sustainable and enduring basis for all stakeholders. And he’s been impressed with the results. Student ideas on aggregation of wool and sheep meat opportunities, multiple lambing and ovine dairying are worthwhile says the co-op leader. “I thought the assignments I sighted were well-considered and articulate in presentation – well done.”
This week Nic shared Owen’s feedback to their suggestions with students, prompting further lively in-class discussion.




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