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October 11, 2010 / mauricefli

Mobile Learning Practice

Reflections on Mobile tools in a learning context.

Today , 8 Oct 2010, I took my iPhone to the Mgnt 340 Field trip to Darfield and a seminar on resuscitating the beef and sheep industry by a group called Farm IQ. About 30 students and Nic Lees went along.

During the day I talked to a number of students and got some positive feedback on our contributions to Mgnt 340, I thought about recording these but as it was the first time I’d met the group I didn’t.

I did take some photos of the students and the seminar as some short video clips of them interacting with other participants in the seminar. One particular interaction involved an animated discussion between a woman and some of the students. I posted these into a forum in the course Learn page with an invitation for the students to add their comments.

I also sent a couple of the photos and a video clip to Cam while the seminar was in progress as a trial. There was potential there for him to question or comment and for these comments to be added into the seminar.

During the talks I also took notes on the talks given and later sent these to Nic as well as down loading them. They have the potential to contribute to further discussion in the class.

It was more first day with this tool and I’m sure I could do more with more practice – Twitter etc., I was the only one doing this, clearly with more students interacting with cell phones the potential would increase

Students from Mgnt 340 engage with one of the farm industry participants at the Farm IQ seminar on reforming the sheep and beef industry in New Zealand.



I initially posted this to the FLI Basecamp wiki Friday, 8 October. After a discussion with Cam this morning, Oct 11, I’ve decided to shift this to the FLI WordPress blog.


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