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September 15, 2010 / helenfli

Earthquakes (what else?)

Was trying to get my head around what to blog about today – the only thing in it at present is earthquakes!  Was doing a bit of net surfing to fine inspiration for this blog when- Voila! – I found this site:

Do go and have a look – there’s a very cool little animation on it that demonstrates how the relationship between the quake and the graph on the seismograph.  And, did you know that seismic waves can strike in 3 different ways – bump, shear, rolling wobble?  But I guess you’re pretty well up with all those by now?

So, why am I waffling on about quakes?  I’m not – it’ s the animation I want to talk about.  It’s a very nice example of simulation and it reminded me that we need to keep that idea in mind when we’re looking for different ways of teaching things.  The quake example could be expanded to further enhance the learning.  What if students could interact with it to alter the location of the quake, or its magnitude for example?

The related animations are also worth a look – one has a videoed lecture at the bottom of the page with further explanantions. 

So, just to get your mind off the whole lot of shakin’ going on, is there a concept in the subject you teach that would lend itself to development as an animated simulation?



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