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August 30, 2010 / mauricefli

It works! I’ll use it from now on!


It doesn’t make Tony Brien’s BMGT216 Food and Beverage Management course whiter-than-white but the online plagiarism detection tool Turnitin is the magic ingredient that he’s reckons adds a touch of brilliance to it. As he puts it – It works! I’ll use it from now on.

Turnitin with Learn Makes Marking Easier

‘I used it recently for the first time’ says Tony. ‘I’ve got one student who can’t come to campus for class and setting up an assignment drop box in Learn for him quickly led to all my students doing the same thing. They can up load their work from anywhere anytime and the carbon footprint is zero,’ he says. ‘Turnitin is an integral part of the Learn so I get a report at the same time that tells me if the students have copied from another student or from another source.’ The colour formatting of original versus copied text in Turnitin enables Tony to judge at a glance whether the student has a good mix of citation sources and whether or not he needs to read a specific paragraph for plagiarism. ‘Turnitin has cut my marking time as I’m now not having to track down potential copying,’ says Tony. He notes too that archiving data on student progress is also easy with Turnitin. It’s easy to keep the text, the Turnitinreport and the feedback all in one place on LearnSample Turnintin Essex

Improves Student results

Better than that for Tony is that the students too get early feedback on whether they have the correct balance of citation and originality for each assignment. Learn can be set up so that learners get a copy of the Turnitin report and if necessary revise their work before handing it in.  If the assignment is summative and you don’t want to give students the chance to revise a submission the feedback from Turnitin is still very useful for them for the next time according to Tony.

Helps Build Work Readiness

Business leaders, says Tony, need to be tracking developments in their sector constantly though the media and other sources, then reporting on the trends to their companies. ‘That involves scanning the news and accurately noting change,’ says Tony. BMGT 216 has a portfolio component that asks students to regularly collect news items and write a paragraph on how the news items relate to the sector they are engaged in. At present Tony has them doing this manually but with the prospect of Turnitin being able to guide student editing Tony is now talking with FLI about doing the portfolio online.  It’s the kind of skill that will enable students to fit neatly into today’s increasingly online business world.

Engaging on Student Ground

Students don’t read newspapers much these days by Tony’s reckoning.  They watching less and less TV, and certainly not the business news programmes. If they do go the library to clip out a news item they need to photo copy it. Too much trouble!  Their world is the online one so asking them to flick over to is second nature to them. They do it straight away says Tony.

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