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August 23, 2010 / mauricefli

Blog Engagement

With a headline like this I wondered whether I a was going down the aisle or into an even scarier commitment with the on-line world at large?

Under pinning this post is the thought that if FLI is to make our blog of value to our Faculty of Commerce we need to focus its construction around the people in the faculty. At present we have a steadily growing number of visits to the site but overwhelmingly these are not from FOC members. So we have tool that is growing in quality and audience but it is not yet integrated into the work of the target audience.

We’ve had one FLI Focus which engaged at least the faculty member who the post was about. There were 23 hits on the day of its posting – some of these appear to have been from the faculty as there was a surge in views following our announcement on the FOC Friday Update.  Since then…

So today I’ve asked a couple of faculty for interviews with a view to writing up the materials as blog posts here. The point being that my writing on their behalf is a stepping stone to people contributing independently. A bridge to the ownership social media like blogs offer.

Perhaps my next graphic might be more appropriate after that?  I’ll keep you posted ( yes- shocking pun, I know.)

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Types of engagement




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  1. sarah stewart / Aug 24 2010 4:03 pm

    I got all excited there for a minute…I thought I might be given a nice diamond ring as a reward for reading your post or posting a comment LOL

    We’ve been trying to follow a similar philosophy with our EDC blog…taking an almost newspaper approach to the blog. Sadly, time constraints has stopped us from following this line more vigoursly. But I do think its a great strategy.

    • mauricefli / Aug 24 2010 4:18 pm

      Naughty Basecamp :-)

      Looks good – Do we take it this sis awork in progress – that assessment also needs to change now too?

  2. mauricefli / Aug 24 2010 4:13 pm

    Ah the cheap headline … pathetic, but it works every time.

    I’m trying to make this strategy my mantra – no target audience buy in, no post. More idealism?

    • sarah stewart / Aug 24 2010 4:19 pm

      In a word…yes.

      The thing is…if you’re getting hits to your blog, you are meeting a market need. It may not be the market you want, but it is a market none the less. I think you’re restricting yourself too much if you just focus on your staff. You want your blog to grow…you are modeling to your staff…your outside audience (which you need to keep feeding) is a positive aspect of blogging that you can talk about to your staff.

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