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August 9, 2010 / mauricefli

Using Gradebook in ‘Learn’

After the flurry of stimulating posts at the end of last week on ‘Open Learning’ and Cameron’s scary stuff about creativity my thoughts this week are pretty pedestrian. But I hope of use ( ah the bleat of aging education sycophants :-)

Those of you who have used Gradebook in Learn will know that it’s a robust tool for recording and weighting assessments for formative and summative activities, both within Learn and offline. Assignments, quizzes, forums, and many other Learn activities can be set up so that Gradebook  includes results. These can be linked individually and across courses to feedback to students. You can keep all your emails, student files and records in one place. Selecting Turnitin for assignments appraises student work for correct use of citation and plagiarism, and hopefully with the addition of Lightwork (more on this in a later post) later this semester, you’ll be able to add sophisticated rubrics and marking guides to your Learn resources and radically reduce marking loads for you and your tutors.

Tomorrow 10 brave souls have lined up for 50 minutes of hands on stuff from me about using Gradebook in Learn (Moodle). I’ve set up an assignment for the participants to complete before our workshop on my Learn demo site FLI-MW01 . Actually I’m lying – there are two or three things they need to do but let’s call it an assignment. If you’d like to join in the bun fight online – Yup, you can participate asynchronously if you want – which is patois for ‘do it in your own time’. Give me a call on Extn 8945 or drop me an email at and I’ll add you to the activity. The reason for not just linking you in automatically is so that I can make sure you have access to ‘dummy student’ accounts.

Here are the slides to Setting up and using Gradebook in Learn. This is a mov. file, there is a copy of the Power Point original on the website FLI-MW01.

There is also a detailed handout Using the Learn Gradebook, produced by Antoine Monti from University of Canterbury, which gives a more detailed look at how to make the best of this very useful tool in Learn. Another great resource is the site on Grades you may like to join this and share in other users experiences with Gradebook on the community blog there :-)

As with any robust tool, you need to spend a bit of time playing with Gradebook if you want to exploit all the resources it offers. Give me a call if you have a question.




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  1. Paula Morrison / Aug 11 2010 11:04 am

    As an administrator, it was very useful to see how assessments are recorded through the student’s course,

    • mauricefli / Aug 11 2010 12:44 pm

      Thanks Paula, let me know if you need more info on Gradebook – or maybe you’ll come across faculty members you could refer on to TLS.



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