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July 23, 2010 / helenfli

Numeracy/literacy levels are a topical issue.  Was doing a bit of trawl around the web and came across this article.  The quote below caught my eye:

“We know that improving literacy and numeracy skills best happens when the learning is closely linked to the learner’s immediate context, learning needs and interests. However this requires well-qualified tutors who can teach literacy and numeracy,” Prof Jones says. (accessed 23.07.10) 

It got me thinking – maybe we are making too much of numeracy/literacy as a separate issue and not seeing it as part of a holistic teaching approach to all facets of a topic?  So we up our own teaching skills in these areas, clearly state n/l objectives and embed the learning around n/l within the learning around the subject.  N/L achievement levels are state in the objectives which ensures that they will be assessed.  

If we had Moodle 2, we could selectively require students to undertake further exercises in n/l, but again, situated within the topic, not as something separate and irrelevant. 

I remember learning German.  I learnt to say “The flower pot  is on top of the wardrobe”  .  I have never needed to make that statement!


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