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July 13, 2010 / Cameron Campbell

Mathmatica Workshop

Our friends over at Teaching and Learning Services have organised a workshop on Mathematica. Here’s the key info:

Mathematica workshop
6 August at 12.30 in H122
Presented by Kim Schriefer
This Mathematica workshop offers an opportunity to experience the applicability, ease-of-use, and the advancements of Mathematica <>  7.
The workshop will highlight the latest directions in technical computing with Mathematica, and the impact this technology has across a wide range of fields, from engineering to finance in education and research. The software has wide ranging applicability and is useful for creating interactive activities for your Moodle site.
Those not yet familiar with Mathematica will gain an overview of the system and discover the breadth of applications it can address, while experts will get firsthand experience with recent advances in Mathematica like parallel computing, digital image processing, point-and-click palettes, built-in curated data, and much more.

Kim Schriefer has been a senior member of the International Business Development staff at Wolfram Research for five years. She works with users in academia, industry, and governments worldwide, developing awareness and providing training on Wolfram technologies. She is actively involved in the development of resources for educators, and works closely with the Wolfram Education Group, hosting seminars and encouraging the integration of technology into curricula and research. She is a graduate of Massey University, New Zealand.

For enquiries contact

For bookings to attend the workshop contact


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