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June 23, 2010 / helenfli

Learning Objectives

You know that quote about “Content is king…”?   Nah, someone got that wrong – Learning Objectives are king ( excuse the bad grammar there!).  They rule!  Absolutely!  Everything hinges on the LOs – firstly, the assessments, then the  what, how, when, where, why of what is taught to meet those assessments.

What started me blogging about LOs?  Found this link: – al about the new, revised version of B’s Taxy. 

Been looking at COs.  Mmmmm, a bit worrying.  Why are we seeing  words like ‘describe’ and explain’ at 300 level.  Whatever happened to Bloom’s Original Taxonomy?   Definitely adds grist to your subject area teams approach, Maurice.  Need to see the  the lower levels represented in LOs in 100 levels, working through the middle levels in 200 and the upper levels in 300.

Have we lost sight of the significance of LOs in our efforts to ‘flexibilise’ courses?  How do we keep ourselves aware of these bigger picture issues in T and L?


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